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Source Infratech is supplying the following products in CLC light weight bricks manufacturing. It is one of the largest suppliers of light weight brick making machinery in India. The products include Foam generator, Foaming agent and Mixer. These are being sold all across several Indian cities and towns such as Hyderabad and Pune to name a few. Given below are the technical specifications of foam generator to start with:

Suguna brand 1 hp single phase motor (spm 100)

It provides a foam output of 300 – 400 ltrs/min

The motor can be switched off with an automatic time gadget

The inside walls are ½” thick when used

All functional operations are in didgital mode

It comes with a foam lancing unit as well

100 cubic meters of foam can be generated on an average everyday

Foam generation requires 80g/l to 90g/l foaming agent


The foaming agent being supplied by SourceInfratech is an enzyme-based product. It is the most unique agent offered in the manufacture of CLC bricks in India. It involves an only one of its kind fermentation process. This is unlike the commonly used method of acid hydrolyzes. Our making process allows in accurately separating the much needed foaming agent proteins for its specific characteristics, including stability, foaming characteristics etc., which is according to their molecular weight. Particularly, this method leads to the manufacturing of excellent products with advanced characteristics and sold at competitive prices. It does not cause any chemical reaction with the surrounding environment, but serves solely as wrapping material for the air to be encapsulated in the concrete (mortar).
The salient features of this product are as below:

  • Protein based foaming agent
  • It is used in CLC light weight bricks/blocks or foam concrete
  • 80-90gms/lts recommended foam density
  • 1:45 ratio
  • Foam generated with our protein based foaming agent
    with mixing of air and water is stable. It is added into
    cement slurry and blended with blender to form
    a homogeneous dispersion.
  • P.S. It is safe for use and has no harmful effect on human beings.
    It can be successful treated in biological waste water treatment
    systems after proper dilution.
  • The stability of the bubbles is 1.0 to 3.0 hours that depends on
    the surrounding temperatures and environmental conditions. A stable,
    long-lasting foam blanket provides excellent burn back resistance. It is very suitable for use with fresh or sea water. Compatible with standard proportioning and air aspirating foam making equipment. Suitable for use with foam compatible dry powder extinguishing agents.
  • It is used for cellular light weight bricks, wall panels and roof insulation.


The specialty of SourceInfratech mixer machines in CLC brick machinery is its design and the unique performance level. It is crafted from finest components of highest quality. The technology used is of global standards. Our mixer’s offer trouble free performance and can survive in coastal areas as they are corrosion resistant. They are available in several technical specifications as per client requirement and also offer:

  • Durable performance
  • Trouble free device
  • Easy to maintain
  • Economical


Capacity  :  6-7m3 /hr,

Total Power Rating : 4 hp

Steel : 4″ * 6 mm thickness square pipes

Bearing : NTN & SKF

Micro Drive Panel Board With Sensors


(4″ * 1.5″ Channels),(1 1/2 ” ‘L’ Anglers),

Anchor Nut & Bolts


(heavy duty base moulds with four wheels),

Length : 44 * 44 inches,

Material : 4mm MS sheet,35mm Sq Rod Shaft,Solid E.N-8 Wheels


Height : 650 – 700 mm

Length : 1016 *1016mm

Material : 2.5mm Sheet & 1 1/2″ Anglers & 40 * 12 mm plates


Totally Heat Insulated Doors With Chain Pulleys


Capacity : 2ton with 20 feet length header

10 No’s of outer steam valves(32mm) & Main Valve(65mm)

Steam Out put : 65mm Delivery

Steam Chamber Pipes(32mm Diameter) for 10 Chambers with 10 pressure guage and 10 temperature guages



We are leading manufacturers of fly ash bricks machinery in india

We manufacture and supply Vibro – Hydraulic Block Machine, which is composed after completely getting to the requirements of development industry. These are reasonable for influencing an expansive assortment of concrete blocks for fluctuated necessities to like empty piece, standard block, roadside block, blocks for the square, blocks for the yard, block for the visually impaired, and so forth. They can likewise deliver strong pieces/pavers, other precast components and additionally empty/strong solid squares.


Electric Motor 7.5HP 3PH of Crompton/Havells

Finish With Power Pack (Pump of Douty/Boss &Valve of Yuken/Poly Hydran

Electric Panel (With Messung Systems PLC) Limit Switch/Proximity Sensors, Hopper, Oil Tank Capacity 400 Lit.

Barrel Made by Honed Tube. Cylinder Is Hard Chrome

Creation Capacity 4000 to 5000 Bricks/Shift

5 H.P. Shape Vibrator

Specialized subtle elements:

6-10 pavers for every lay on the bed

4000 – 5000 Bricks for every move generation

The crude material can be the development squander, for example, the powder of ash, slag, fly fiery debris and so forth, which can bring down the item cost extraordinarily

Established method for liberation;high productivity

Short trim period

Simple for setting up and viable


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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability