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foaming agent suppliers in india





is a protein based 100% BIO gradable FOAM focus which shapes exceptionally stable air pockets which gives fundamental porosity to the froth concrete. Air pockets are sufficiently solid to last till the froth concrete is set at required thickness.


foaming agent is regularly utilized at 2% to 3% in the water. Genuine Concentration to be utilized relies on the water quality and FOAM creating types of gear and so on..

Timeframe of realistic usabil

foaming agnethas a base timeframe of realistic usability of 2 years if appropriately put away in its unique Container or tanks reasonable for capacity.


foaming agent suppliers in india


Inside a temperature scope of 0°C to + 50°C. Guarantee compartments are not straightforwardly presented to daylight and warmth for a long stretch.


CONLITE is ecologically protected. It is bio– degradable and low poisonous to the Aquatic life forms. It can be effectively treated in organic waste water treatment frameworks.

Specialized DATA

Appearance : thick dark fluid

pH : 6.5 – 7.5

Sp. Gravity : 1.00-1.02

Miscibility Miscible

Thickness : < 1500 CPS max

The point of solidification : 0 ºC

We additionally supply

foaming specialist engineered based

Foaming specialist engineered based



Other development chemicals



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