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clc project report

Primary Features Of CLC Blocks, Prefab Elements and In-Situ Molded Housing:-

·CLC Blocks are light in weight Density going from 400 to 1800 Kg/m3 can be delivered

as required.

·CLC Blocks are superb for Earthquake Resistant Housing because of light weight decreasing dead

weight by over half of the ordinary cement. Multi-Story skyscraper towers developed has

spared concrete and steel to vast degree, which can be checked on STAAD-III Computer Program.

·CLC Blocks are amazing for Thermal and Sound protection which keeps the house cool in

Summer and warm in Winter sparing vitality/power for cooling and warming.

·CLC Blocks are “Condition cordial” utilizing over 30% of “Fly Ash” from Thermal Power

Stations and changing over straightforwardly into significant Building Materials. CLC Blocks will likewise supplant

“Mud Bricks” which is wrecking Agricultural best soil. Our Technology will spare Environment

what’s more, Ecology from the dangerous and dirtying material Fly Ash and anticipate annihilation of

Important Agricultural Land.

·CLC Blocks Production Plant can be Stationary or Mobile Unit to be mounted on truck to

fabricate CLC Blocks, Prefab strengthened Building Elements, and In-Situ Molded Housing at

site, will spare breakage, transport charges and deferral, and so on.

·Cellular Lightweight Concrete is a self streaming cement with metal ball activity to stay away from

Honeycomb and Voids in the Blocks, Prefab Building Elements and In-Situ Molded Housed dividers.

·CLC Blocks being light weight the dealing with and transportation is simple. The development

speed is 2 ½ times more than the Clay Bricks development.

· In-Situ Molded Housing is astounding innovation to Produce 5 to 20 houses for each day by utilizing

basic hardware and molds. The quick development speed is a first need for snappy

Recovery of Earthquake influenced towns and towns or for the Rehabilitation of the towns

uprooted because of the significant “Dam Projects” other than the Rehabilitation program for the Slums

in the Metro Politan Cities.

·In-Situ Molded Houses have no joints and thus it won’t harm by high power Earthquake

or on the other hand Cyclone. The entryways, windows, sterile and water channels are embedded in the Molds previously pouring

CLC in the Molds coming about into a smaller house with no upkeep cost for a long stretch.

· In-Situ Molded Housing, Prefab fortified Building Elements and CLC Blocks are utilized routinely

in more than 40 nations and all the more especially by the Developing Countries.

·Micro Air Cells of CLC are in place, not interconnected as it is delivered by Stable Foaming Agent.

Along these lines our item has low Water Absorption maintaining a strategic distance from any spillage, drainage or sogginess

in the dividers and roof.

· House worked with CLC Blocks or Prefab Building Elements or In-Situ Molds don’t require inside

or then again outside mortar yet in the event that demanded just 6 mm thick mortar is adequate for inside and outer surface.

·Steel fortification isn’t required for the Ground Floor Housing with Sheet Roofing or

CLC Panel Roofing. Any shrinkage can be maintained a strategic distance from by utilizing Synthetic Fibers, which adds to the

quality of the solid.

·CLC has fundamental crude material of Cement for the suitable quality and subsequently the quality is

expanding each year on Aging of the Concrete.

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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability