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clc light weight bricks advantages

CLC Bricks have astounding compressive quality in overabundance of consistent dirt blocks/strong pieces, ensures min. Compressive quality of 3N/mm2.


Bowing quality is 15 to 20% of compressive quality.


CLC Bricks thickness is 800kg/m2 which decreases dead load on structures.


Immense sparing in establishment and structure reserve funds upto 30% on pillar costs.


Great earth tremor protection properties.


Simple dealing with. Lightweight CLC is anything but difficult to transport and stock.


Quicker development. CLC squares are effectively sliced to custom size necessities on estimate utilizing essential power-devices.


Enormous sparing of work. Speedier development specifically identifies with decrease in labor necessity.


CLC Bricks offer most astounding warm protection making cool summers and warm winters.


Decreased Air molding costs. Ventilating vitality prerequisites can be 5 times lower than customary structures.


CLC Bricks are heat proof.


Non dangerous exhaust if there should arise an occurrence of flame.


Fantastic acoustic boundary. More tranquility of living, No unsettling influence from your neighbour’[s home theater.


Profoundly exact and smooth dividers lessening in putting.


Decide on any complete on dividers – outer putting, tiling, cladding, inward tiling, dry covering, shower mortar or anything of your decision.


Preferences in detail:


Funds in Raw Material: The gigantic investment funds depicted when utilizing CLC are complex, proceeding with considerable reserve funds in crude material (no rock required), in dead heap of skyscraper diminishing significantly. Thinking about that as a significant measure of steel is fundamental just to convey the heaviness of the structure, steel necessity may decrease by many ton in tall structure.


Significantly Lower Weight: Weight decrease is clear in transport, where twofold of volume of building material can be created, it affects stretching out, where either bigger boards can be taken, or the full limit in traverse. On the other hand less re-area of the crane is fundamental.


Warm Insulation: Thermal Insulation progressively swings to be the most critical issue in the arranging and development of structures. There are numerous expensive methods for protection on sandwich structure of a divider, including the some unbending protection material, with an agreeable outcome by calculation however not generally a sound arrangement in wellbeing, wellbeing or condition. The best arrangement is, to consolidate warm protection in the blend of a solid, such offered in air-cured CLC.


Fire Protection: The air-implanted in the CLC is additionally instrumental for the high fire-rating. In 1200 kg/m³ thickness a 13-14 cm thick divider has a fire perseverance of 5 hours. A similar deferral happens with a 400 kg/m³ layer of CLC in just 10 cm thickness. CLC is generally non-flammable.


Sound Insulation: Over the endeavors to continue expanding the warm limit of building individuals, different viewpoints have been dismissed, for example, sound protection. Sound is experienced as air-borne or foot-fall sound (affect ). Air-borne it is a manage of thickness and in this way CLC offers predominant insurance than light solid (ACC). In affect sound it is better than ordinary cement. Reaching a stopping point with a sledge, will give you a chance to feel the full power on the opposite side, while the air implanted in CLC won’t enable the hit to go through. And no more it will endure a little mark and in this way keep any more noteworthy harm.


Protected Flooring: As the effect power won’t transmit, pieces delivered of CLC or finished with a layer of CLC floor screen will keep any stable being seen in the room underneath. Dividers of CLC will likewise fill in as sound holding dividers on streets or railroad tracks in this manner, engrossing the sound and keeping it from skipping to the opposite side.


Customisable Physical Properties: Adding strands to CLC is a further critical advantage, expanding twisting anxiety generously and a large portion of it affect quality. The three dimensional acting fiber (e.g. polypropylene) will additionally decrease shrinkage, along these lines diminishing water ingestion and expanding quality (up to 25 %. This is refreshing most while delivering thin building parts.


Prudent Production: Using just flyash, bond, water and froth, the cost for one m³ of CLC much of the time is less even than for the equal volume of ordinary cement. Including all the depicted profoundly refreshing advantages (containing CLC) to normal cement, if at all conceivable, the cost for such standard cement would presumably twofold yet at the same time not achieve the general nature of CLC.

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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability