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 Cell Light Weight  Bricks :

Cell Light Weight Concrete Bricks (CLC Bricks) or foam concrete bricks It is a form of lightweight solid that is created like ordinary cement under encompassing conditions. CLC Bricks have fantastic compressive quality in overabundance of normal mud blocks/strong pieces, ensures min. Compressive quality of 3N/mm. bowing quality is 15 to 20% of compressive quality. CLC blocks thickness is 800kg/m and thus diminishes dead load on structures.

It is delivered by at first making a slurry of Cement + Fly Ash (constituting 31% – 69 % content) + water, which is additionally blended with the option of preformed stable froth in an extraordinary froth solid blender for quick precise blending 1m3 for every group surrounding conditions.

light weight bricks

The blend is either emptied or drawn into gathered molds of pieces or formwork of strengthened auxiliary components or poured onto level rooftops or voids for warm protection or filling. The froth gives free streaming qualities to this slurry because of metal roller impact of froth bubbles empowering it to effortlessly stream into all corners and smaller independent from anyone else in the molds/frames without requiring any sort of vibration or compaction.

Because of the cell structure of the material the squares can be effectively cut with craftsman’s saw and nails can be crashed into them without hardly lifting a finger. By and large, dry fly fiery debris accessible from control plants meets the properties indicated in IS: 3812 and is reasonable for produce of Fly Ash – blocks as per the prerequisites of IS : 12894.

light weight bricks

Weight decrease turns out to be exceptionally gainful for auxiliary reasons, sparing steel fortification in the establishment, bringing about subtantial investment funds upto 30% of the material in steel and furthermore under unfriendly soil conditions.

CLC pieces are high in quality and low in cost. These pieces are impervious to water retention and increments in quality with maturing &greatly decreases cost of putting. Select any complete on dividers – outside putting, tiling, cladding, inside tiling, dry covering, splash mortar or anything of your decision.

CLC blocks offer most noteworthy warm protection making cool summers and warm winters. Very precise and smooth dividers there by decrease in putting. It is a superb acoustic obstruction.

our video shows how light weight bricks can make :






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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability