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light weight bricks machinery

  (Foundation is a very important part of a building. It is fully described in chapter  Foundation engineering is a special subject. A foundation engineer should know how to examine the soil profile and arrive at a suitable foundation. The following are some of the different types […]

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components of a building

All buildings have the same components such as foundation.walls,floors and addition.. we have to decorate them with plaster ,paint, etc. To make them aesthetically beautiful.these items of building works are called civil works. Water and electricity have also to be supplied to the building to make […]

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light weight bricks machinery

Quotation for 50m3(0.6) Wire Cuttting Machinery SL NO.                   Description   Quantity  Unit  Original      Price     Original Price     1 Wire Cutting Machine Capacity : 6-7 m3/hr, Total Power Rating : 4hp, Steel :  4” * 6 mm thickness suare pipes(sail MAKE) Bearings : ntn & […]

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pavers block web cast production

A by comparison wet solid, special, fact is got ready, usually in a group process to make certain persons of representative. Small mixing machines, within one’s knowledge as group plants are used to trading group pre-determined amounts of sand and rough mass with a right in details […]

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light weight bricks compare with clay bricks

The clay brick producing industry is a chief starting point of air pollution n undergoing growth countries. The Major issues in conditions of getting better have to do with getting (making) better the combustion doing work well of having existence kilns 3, and making better kilns  to […]

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paver block requirement

Basic  machinery  thing needed for New Paver solid mass Plant shaking Table  basin, flat pot (vessel) mix ( for color or Top mix ) 1solid, special, fact mix Air compressor ( for apparatus for putting on a coat of liquid (paint) coating ) electronic Weight Scale PVC […]

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clc bricks compressive strength ,water absorption results

The compressive  power of CLC gets in the way for 800 kg/m3 is 35 kg/cm2 and for Clay bricks compressive 1 power is 30 kg/cm2. The water absorption  of CLC gets in the way is 12.5% for 800 kg/m3 and 20 % for burnt clay 3 bricks. […]

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Classification of clc blocks

The formed of small units light weight solid, special, fact gets in the way adjust to the supporters grades:- GRADE-A: These are used as amount directing units and have a solid mass relation between mass and size in the range of 1200kg/m3 to 1800kg/m3 GRADE-B: These are […]

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light weight bricks machinery making

Bricks keep being one of the most important building materials in the country. Brick making is an old and wise industry in India , generally limited to country, not town areas 1. In nearby years, with getting wider (greater) urbanization and increasing request for making materials, brick […]

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pavers block machinery making in india

solid, special, fact give out use for solid, special, fact Paver gets in the way from rubber vessels for forming building material made of small stones, sand, and CEMENT paver solid mass making process: 1. The rubber vessels for forming are washed with sulphuric acid 1 in […]

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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability