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why construction market suddenly stopped especially light weight bricks in andhra pradesh and telagana?

why construction market suddenly stopped especially light weight bricks in andhra pradesh and telagana? Before answering this questions i would like to share my experience ,before separting the states our clc light weight bricks machinery manufactuerers used Steht ist Geschichte sie ramipril hautveränderungen mehr beim Ärzten dass […]

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why use clc light weight bricks in construction?

why use clc light weight bricks in construction? Why use clc light weight bricks or foam concrete bricks? Clc is cellular weight blocks where we can use for load bearing structure and frame structure .its a other alternative for red brick and fly-ash bricks.Why we use clc […]

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CLC brick making

The process of brick making has a long history from ancient times. In India, Indus valley civilization stands testimony to this art. Over the centuries it has changed considerably with the use of global technology that has made CLC bricks the most used construction material. CLC bricks […]

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light weight bricks demand in andhra pradesh

    Due to separation of states of andhra pradesh and telagana more industries are coming into andhra pradesh escpecially in construction side .so we are hoping that andhra pradesh in going to be swarna andhra pradesh.we are excpecting more business in andhra pradesh escepially between vijayawada […]

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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability