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AAC Machinery Raw Materials Costing per 1m3 at hyderabad

  Material          Materia Consumed in Kgs        Rate per tonne    Rate perkg         Total Price Flyash                     550.00                                   800.00                      0.80                 440.00 Cement                 170.00                                      5,000                       5.00                 850.00 Lime                        20.00                                    6,000.00                    6.00                 120.00 Aluminium             0.45                                    300,000.00                  300.00             135.00 Wate Wood           30.00                                   3,000.00                     3.00                  90.00 Labour                     —–                                        ——                          —–                  200.00 Miscellaneous        —–                                       ——-                         […]

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products we are manufacturing

  1)foam generator 2)foam concrete mixer or light weight bricks mixer 3)control panel 4)load cells with indicator 5)screw conveyor for cement 6)belt conveyor for fly ash 7)Material (Block)Conveying Trolleys 8)Wire Cutting Machine 9)Complete Track System 10)Base Moulds 11)Upper Moulds 12)Steam Doors ( Mild Steel ) 13)Boiler (Used) […]

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Making cost for light weight bricks  for the density of 800 kg/m3

    Material                                                       quantity(kg)           Rate(Rs/Kg)               Amount 1)cement “grade – 53”                                 200kg                      5.60                               1,120.00 2)Fly ash – grade 1                                        600kg                       0.75                               450.00 3)foaming agent                                            1.2 kg                       150.00                          180.00 4)water(mix + foam)                                    200 to 250                                                        5.00 5)Mould releasing agent                               1.0                                                                  25.00 Total cost/cubic meter                                                                                                    1,780.00

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Plant model  – Bav /L/500   1)      Concrete mixer Capacity    :       0.5m3 Body          :       4mm Worm Gear Box    :  4No.Covai/Orkay Motor      :       5Hp Bharath Bijili/jyothi Power Rating  : 3.75 Kw RPM / Ratio  : 1440/30:1 2)       Portable Foam Generator : Swith Gear    : L & T Make […]

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some of the faq about light weight bricks

1)what  types of curing are there in clc bricks? A)water curing,steam curing 2)how many days water curing is necessary for light weight bricks? A)minimum 14 days is needed 3)how many times is necessary for curing in a day? A)2 times ie morning and evening 4)can i send […]

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interest and repayment schedule for clc light weight bricks machinery

Total Term Loam Amount :        2,37,500.00 Rate of Interest:                        13.50% Loan Schedules: Year Qtly Installment Outstanding Balance Interest Repayment Total Installment Closing Balance of Loan amount Year 1 1 2375000.00 80156.00 0 80156.00 2375000.00   2 2375000.00 80156.00 0 80156.00 2375000.00   3 2375000.00 80156.00 107955.00 […]

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information about foaming agent

Chemical process in which a substance is broken up by reaction with water, frequently caused by there being present a small amount of some other substance, for example, an acid Any of a great and important group of complex natural substances, forming a great part of all […]

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some of the important information for clc light weight bricks machinery

What are the dimensions of the mould a)6 feet height or 8 feet height ,2 feet length 2) Partitions plates thickness needed? a)4 inches thickness 3)how much power is needed for the capacity of 20 to 50 cubic meters per day? a) 16 hp is needed 4)how […]

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Guntur sets toilet record : Make with light weight bricks

Thanks to our powerful chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and  Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad Rao Guntur: Sattenapalli in Guntur district, the constituency of Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasad Rao, has created a record of sorts in construction of toilets. For the first time in the country, over 16,000 individual […]

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protein foaming agent suppliers in india for clc light weight bricks

Protein Foaming agent for clc light weight bricks I would like to share my experience in foaming  agent . They are two types of foaming agent Protein foaming agent Synthetic foaming agent Some of the methods of making protein foaming agent 1. A method for making a […]

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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability