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Advantages of clc blocks

Cost Effective Material

CLC Bricks are the most popular construction material in India and all across the globe. They are also known as Light Weight Bricks that help in building all types of infrastructures, including small, medium and huge. They are cost effective and also save several days in construction. They are the most modern and innovative piece of building marvel in today’s high technology revolution. It is made from natural raw material commonly used in this technology. It does not emit any pollutant. So, it is environment compatible and harmless to greenery.

Strong and Less Weight

Source Infratech CLC light weight bricks are non-toxic as it does not produce any byproducts. This ensures environment friendly surroundings and clean air to breathe and live in. It provides sound proof insulation and thermal protection. The CLC bricks also protection against fire, which creates a safety barrier for living. They come in customized shapes and sizes. This is advantageous as the infrastructure gets even shape. To add to this they are very strong material wise. This means less cement usage during plastering in construction. It requires minimum amount of water proofing as well. It helps to reduce dead weight of multi-storied infrastructures.

Advantages of CLC Bricks

The advantages offered with CLC Bricks and products being manufactured by Source Infratech are several. They are as given below:

  • Raw material saving: no sand and gravel required. Steel requirement in high rise constructions is reduced by half.
  • Lower weight: less crane usage, reduced transport cost as double the volume of material can be carried in one single consignment.
  • Sound safety: this sound proof insulation material offers tranquility and peace of mind for good health through less noise production.
  • Protects against fire: the embedded air in CLC bricks is instrumental in protection against fire hazards.
  • Less production cost: it uses water, cement, fly ash and protein foaming agent.

Comprehensive Strength

Source Infratech also puts light on why CLC light weight bricks that offer huge returns in cost savings, which are many. The table below indicates the salient features:

CLC bricks guarantees excellent compression strength 3N/mm2
Reduces dead load on infrastructure 800kg/m2
Bending strength 20% of compression strength
Quick construction: huge saving on labor CLC bricks are customized in size
High thermal insulation Cool summer and warm winter
CLC bricks reduce air-conditioner expense It is five times lower to conventional structures
Fire resistant Non-toxic fumes if there is fire


Low cost housing projects across the globe offer less profit for the developers. So, they use CLC bricks to get substantial profits without compromise on quality. This construction marvel in engineering design has come to the aid of every builder and contractor alike. It is 40% cheaper than conventional concrete. It comes in several densities, wide-ranging sizes and mixed designs. Particularly, in earthquake prone areas it is the most preferred material in use. It can be incorporated in the structures where a column and beam construction is the requirement. The overall quality of CLC light weight bricks is much higher than conventional construction material.

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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability