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Advantages and Disadvantages of AAC blocks

What are advantages in using of AAC Bricks for building constructions?



 Resistant To Fire

The AAC Blocks are resistant to fire between a certain limit of time. It is from a 2 hours minimum time to 6 hours maximum time limit. However, their resistance to fire hazards is dependent on thickness of the AAC Blocks. In the constructions where fire safety is given highest importance. Moreover, holding fire from spreading is a very good and positive thing in safety procedures.

Resistant To Pests And Insects

The AAC Blocks are resistant to pests and insects. This a big plus that helps in building maintenance. This is because the AAC Bricks inorganic material. This in turn reduces damage to constructions. They prevent the termites from entering the buildings. Thus, offering protection and saving huge loss to constructions. Indeed, it a very special quality and most required protection offering complete protection against pests.


Sound Proof In Nature

The AAC Blocks are sound proof in nature. This is due to their porous nature, which absorbs sounds up to certain decibel levels. This specialty in them offers peaceful working and living conditions. The AAC Bricks can absorb sound to a range or limit of 45 decibels, which is considered very good in busy city squares. Moreover, in constructions such as hotels,hospitals, public auditoriums and studios and similar such buildings they offer complete sound proof environment,which is so useful for effective sound protection.


Resistant To Earth Quakes

The AAC Blocks are resistant to earthquakes. The natural property it is made from is light in weight. This in turn increases the stability in the building structures. Usually, the impact of the earthquake is directly on the weight of the building. The AAC Bricks used in the construction of high rise buildings, including single unit constructions are most reliable and safe.


Quick Construction work

The AAC Block help in quick construction work, thereby reducing time and constructions costs. In AAC Bricks it is easy to use ordinary tools for cutting the walls for electrical work, including drilling of holes. Even, band saws can be used in cutting and alignment of the AAC Bricks. As they are large in size, the advantage is that few joints are there in the constructions. Thus, enabling quick construction, including strong structural support to the building. Therefore, the work time during installation of AAC Blocks is reduced due to less number of AAC Bricks. This results in less time usedfor masonry and plastering work. So, the construction work is done ahead of time.


Long Lasting In Nature


The AAC Blocks are long lasting in nature. Thus, offering the building extra life span. The material in AAC Bricks of high quality with superior strength it gives the building construction. This results in more structural strength and strong staleness to the building. The material used in AAC Bricks is from non-biodegradable product. It does not attract mould, thus keeping the interior environment clean and durable. There is no chance given to damage or deterioration ofthe construction quality.


 Cost Effective

The AAC Blocks are highly cost effective in nature. Thus, offering cost saving and less investment on the construction work. In comparison to clay bricks its weight is less than 80 per cent. This considerably reduces dead weight.Furthermore, the reduction in dead weight by such a huge margin results in reduction of acc cement and steel usage for construction. This saves plenty of money on money.The Making of AAC Blocks is also cost compare to clc blocks.


Versatile In Nature

The AAC Blocks are very versatile in nature. Their appearance is very attractive. This gives the building structure beauty.The AAC Bricks can adapt to architecture of any shape or size. A good mason or a construction worker can design and construct most beautiful buildings with them.

Non – Hazardous

The AAC Blocks are Non-toxic in nature. They cannot be damaged from smoke from pollution and smoke of the chimney in factories. The best part of AAC Bricks is that it does not attract pests at all. This is most welcome part in its nature.



In Thermal Insulation

In thermal insulation the AAC Blocks have insulating qualities. The thermal conductivity level of the AAC Bricks keeps the room temperature warm during winter. In summer, it is cool and nice. At the end of the day it offers huge savings on air conditioning load, which means less power bills.


Moisture Resistance

The pollution and moisture from ecological surroundings usually bring huge amount of damage and disfigure the buildings. It is prime concern of buildings owners and construction work. In this area, the AAC Blocks scores. It is highly resistant to humidity and dampness from rain water and water in the soil. The AAC Bricks are porous in nature. The smaller pores in it evenly distribute the water in them. Thus, water absorption is kept to a minimum level. This enhancesthe use of them in all type environmental surroundings.


 Environmentally friendly to natural surroundings

The AAC Blocks are environmentally friendly to natural surroundings. The material of the AAC Bricks is non-toxic. It does not pollute the air, including land and water as well. The waste dust from the cutting process at the time of manufacturing them is given added strength and it again used for manufacturing new bricks and blocks. Even in construction work there is 0.1 per cent waste material generation. This is bare minimum. Moreover, the energy consumed in the production of AAC Blocks process is just a small quantity that can be measured in fractions. Whereas,the production of other materials it is much higher. There is no emission of pollution in the manufacturing process. It does not create by-products or waste products that are toxic. It is made from naturally raw material. The beauty in it is that the finished product is three times the volume of the raw material, which is used. It is most environmentally friendly and resource efficient.


Light In weight

The AAC Blocks are light weight. It is the biggest feature, which is helpful in transport and during construction work as well. The cellular structure of the AAC Bricks created during its manufacture makes it easy to carry around manually in small numbers. The light weight nature is imparted from the several million tiny air cells in it. The density of each AACBricks is usually between 550 to 650 kg/m³. Indeed, it is lighter than water. Unbelievable!


Perfect In Shape and Size

The AAC Blocks are perfect in shape and size. It is manufactured under technical dimensions that require standard design. Therefore, The AAC Bricks provide a uniform design in all constructions. Therefore, the economical applications are plenty. The internal walls can be plastered with direct application of POP. Thus, eliminating the need of masonrywork and plastering.


High Compressive Strength

The AAC Blocks have a compressive strength of an average (3-4.5) N/mm³. This is superior to most types of light weight blocks. Moreover, it is 25 per cent stronger than other products of the same density.



Hight Resistance To Penetration Of Water

The AAC Blocks offer high resistance to penetration of water in it. This is possible due to a large number of pores in it. Itis also that their cellular and discontinuous micro structure is much superior to the normal clay brick. Thus, the external surface of AAC Brick walls provides superior resistance to moisture penetration than the traditional clay bricks.


Conduction Of Heat Is High

Making of AAC Blocks conduction of heat is high in comparison to CLC and Clay and Bricks. It is because of the usage of lime, gypsum and aluminum powder in the raw material during manufacturing process.The strength in AAC Bricks becomes less when made with concrete chamber. With auto claves, the strength to AAC Bricks becomes maximum.Finally, there is another big disadvantage in AAC Blocks. Their absorption water is high. It is evident from the several million pores in it. This facilitates their expansion in water, which can bring cracks in the structure. This includes air gaps. Therefore, in long exposure to moisture, the material begins to disintegrate. The strength in AAC Bricks is reduced when it wet. You may also consider the environmental conditions before using AAC Blocks and Bricks in building construction.

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