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About Us

Sourceinfratech is a world-class company that makes AAC Blocks with innovative

technology with a commitment inproviding excellent product value to customers and

clients. The advantages of AAC Bricks is that it is light weight but strong being able to

sustain heavy structural designs in high rise buildings and constructions. It also

specializes in using such technology in business growth keeping in mind customers

satisfaction and perfection for using building materials.It uses and advocates the use of

technology in concrete for supporting green revolution light weight AAC bricks. Plenty

of time is spent on research and development to make the best product available to be

the number one company in competition with other AAC Brick providers. The

disadvantages are none at all.


We are first and foremost company who provide machinery and plant for big growth in

the industrial sector in AAC Blocks. This includes giving complete knowledge in how to

use the technology in AAC Brick making. The services we offer is also to offer best

ideas in to set up AAC bricks, CLC Bricks, Know how in Fly Ash, Paver Blocks,

Cast in Suit, including green plants in concrete technology. Our range is to establish

them in big capacity for several applicable procedures across the globe. Our specialty

is visible in the uniqueness of our products. We have our manufacturing unit in

Visakahapatnam,in the state of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. It is our R&D unit at the

same premises, which is also the head office. An experienced team in the field of

AAC Bricks offers the best in both technical support and non-technical guidance.


Over the year we have established a big name for our high quality product in AAC

Bricks. We give top quality to our esteemed customers both new and old. The raw

material we use is the best in the manufacturing of AAC Bricks and CLC Blocks.

There is high amount of precision used in the manufacturing process keeping in

mind correct measurements and weight. The clients we cater to have been satisfied ‘

customers till date. If not we would be in the market for so long. We provide hassle

free service for high performance. We always make sure that world class products

are given to all our customers. This includes delivery and easy procedure in trading.

Source Infratech has been in the process of manufacturing CLC Brick Machinery since

four long years. The burgeoning construction industry has inspired us to set the ball

rolling in the production of foam generator, protein foaming agent suppliers in India.

Ever since we began production of light weight bricks making machinery we have

helped home owner clients, apartments and shopping complex builders, architects and

real estate developers. In many developing cities across India, Source Infratech has

helped their clients immensely. They have been able to translate their dreams into

reality through using CLC brick machinery for construction of infrastructures that are

beautiful to look know more information about AAC blocks here is the link


Most Reliable Technology

CLC light weight bricks making machinery and aac  blocks machinery has been created

with thorough planning using high-end quality control parameters. The focus has

always been on customer satisfaction for a long term association with us. No

matter what type of infrastructure is built including, school, office, house,

theater or auditorium, cold storage or warehouse.When our client makes a

choice to use Source Infratech, protein foaming agent the finest CLC brick

and also the most reliable technology is being put to good use. When

you look at major cities such as Hyderabad, Pune,amaravathi and more these buildings and

architectural wonders harmonize with and enhance the surroundings.

Good Market Value

Source Infratech CLC protein foaming agent, foam generator and light weight brick

making machinery are being made available anywhere across India. Everyday new

cities and towns are being added to our fold of erstwhile clients. The faith they put in

our CLC Brick Machinery has given good market value for further improvement. We

want to be the most sought after brand in light weight brick making machinery in India.

The following table complements our brand relevance


User-friendly Material

CLC brick machinery has contributed substantially in the accentuating growth of

construction industry. Ours is an honest effort to render valuable products and stay

connected with the latest technological revolution. We manufacture the most user-

friendly CLC light weight brick machinery in India. Source Infratech, is swiftly growing

as the leading supplier of light weight brick making machinery. In the present

competitive environment we have been updating all information on this innovative

technology from time to time.


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CLC Brick Qualities

Light in Weight
High Thermal Insulation
Flexible in Size
High Fire Protection
High Sound Insulation
Lower Water Absorption
Universal Acceptability