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Take a samples of AAC blocks to find fire resistance .to find changes of different burning temperatures for AAC blocks. use electrical furnace for testing  50mm cubes  with six different compressive strength test should done for observing changes of fire on strength properties of AAC blocks […]

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boilers for aac bricks or clc light weight bricks

I would like to explain about boiler today.boiler having pressure vessels to get steam , this steam can use mainly in light weight bricks industry especially for clc bricks and aac bricks now the question how boiler works some of the components required to get steam * […]

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foaming agent making

Foam can test by using foam generator.the foam and the stability of foam hydrolysis  solution drop down with high hydrolysis.stability of foam gone up by increasing hydrolysis time. The foam can formed by protein force or the hydrolysis solutions having  best foam stability with high potential of […]

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aac light weight bricks advantages

contact : Rao(09966871942) constructing a wall with aac takes less time than concrete,bricks,sand-lime bricks,porous bricks autoclaved aerated blocks walls can be construct by unskilled labour with less will reduce the cost of building compared to other blocks some of important information i would like to share,raw […]

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aac plant manufacturing process

  Aac manufacturing process Precast concrete and aac manufacturing process having many similarities.they are 5 steps to make a aac block 1)first step is raw material mixing 2)addition of expansion agent. 3)we have both options for cutting  we can use traditional method moulding and other one is […]

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aac plant cost and capital requirement

Schedule- “B”                                                                WORKING CAPITAL REQUIREMENT (Per 15 Days)   S.No       Particulars                      Quantity(tonne)          Rate Rs./Tonee  Amount      Rs. Per Day   Days   Total       B.1 Raw Material & Stocks Cement   8.50   15   127.5   5,500.00   701,250.00 […]

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history of aac blocks

sweeden engineer is the first invertor of auto claved aerated concrete in 1922,german people use this technology,when they using they face many problems to cutting the blocks then they introduce cutting machinery,after inventing AAc became a sufficient material with respect to germany firm .because of cutting machinery […]

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foaming agent for clc bricks and suppliers in india

When foaming agent enters into foam generator ,foaming agent became stiff and foam increase its volume around 25 to 30 times and foam will not destroy. Foam easily mix with any mortar even in cold water.foaming agent chemical can used with different types Portland cement and incorporated […]

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Advantages : We can use readily No need to cure after Construction Water Resistant We can save the time Labour can easily apply with out any training Excellent Bonding. Crack Resistance. We can reduce the labour. Non Hazardous. No need for wall reinforcing liners. No Limitation for […]

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